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Pastor or Teacher?

People have often asked me, “Do you plan to be a Pastor or Teacher?” By this, they usually meant, “Do you plan to work in the local church or in higher education?”


My answer was consistently “Yes.” I value education and research, but I can never imagine being disconnected from local church ministry and leadership.

This site is my way to share some writing and weekly research with my church (and anyone else who wants to read along), and also my way to share both church-based and academy-based resources that I have found helpful. (And some random golf, meteorology, or travel bits, I hope.) What it won't be is a hot take on every cultural event or Christian internet issue-of-the-day.

I specialize in making complicated things simple, and simple things complicated. I'll try to peel back the layers on what seem to be simple topics, but also boil complicated topics down to understandable language and teaching. 


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